Bremen’s “Viertel“ – The opposite of dull!

Nowhere else in the city will you find such cultural multitude. Art and bars, shopping and chilling, Bratwurst and brothel form a happy conglomerate in this part of town. Centre of the action is the approximately two kilometre long high street which connects the two boroughs of Steintor and Ostertor. The locals simply call it “Viertel”, meaning quarter.

A life less ordinary.

Contrasting poles make life here so thrilling: While the Ostertor quarter is flanked by boutiques and trendy shops filled with a casual metropolitan crowd, the Steintor quarter is true to life. Here the Turkish greengrocers and the little red light district “Helenenstrasse” live in amicable companionship, as well as the record shop, the dive next door, the movie theatre, punks, students, old Ladies, artists and survival artists as well as hairdressers… By the way: Need a haircut? No problem in the “Viertel”; the density of salons is probably the highest in all of Germany.

All night long

Freshly groomed and in the mood to party you can start out into the night when theatres, bars and clubs open their gates. The Townside’s always up to date in regard to happy hours, events and where to best burn the candle at both ends.

Fynn E.


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